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Quote Form

* max file size 15,360K(15MB)
* Or please send Gerber files via eMail to sales@pcb-togo.com

File Guidelines and General Information

All Gerber files received by PCB-togo.com will be protected for the designers’ right and will not be disclosed to third party either PCB-togo’s staffs.
To save time and to avoid any mistake during production. If possible, your PCB Gerber file should meet the following requiements.

  • File formatted by design software (CAD) should be in Gerber RX-274-X format
  • Units are either in English units (inch) or metric units (mm)
  • All aperture file(s) are required to be sent with the gerber files
  • Drill chart, boarder outline, trace/space information are required
  • For more accurate quotes please include a (ReadMe) that contains the following information :
    • List of every file name with a brief description
    • Layer stack sequence
    • Impedence control requirement information (if needs)
    • Designer/buyer contact information